IDG Contributor Network: Got big data? Go public cloud or go home.

The impact the cloud is having on big data and advanced analytics is shocking. We’ve hit a go public or go home situation – and while many enterprises I’ve spoken to about this migration are still on the fence, they understand they need to invest in more public cloud to engage with empowered customers. The problem is many are struggling with organizational momentum and regulatory issues that often manifest in technical objections that don’t hold water.

Public cloud was the number one priority for big data in 2016. Why? Because firms are running into a cost wall as they scale out their one premise infrastructures. They want to go bigger and faster and on premise configurations, including the on-premise portion of hybrid, but can’t keep the pace. The consensus in the industry is that hybrid is the best most can do – I disagree. Firms should have a public-first policy and rely on hybrid or on premise as interim measures only when necessary.

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