Cloud Computing and Why Should I Care?

Cloud Computing Technology

The Idea of Cloud Computing

As an end user for internet and having web sites and thoes web sites to run efficiently, professionally, and softly;  we need to care about cloud computing.

The simplest idea about cloud hosting is to connect to a virtual system contains of the servers, storage data-base and the network feasibility. In other words, you only need to have a computer, monitor, and a keyboard; the cloud computing service will do the rest.

Cloud Computing: A New Name for known Method. Traditionally, a business has to buy and upgrade a high powered computer for each of its employees. In addition, licenses for the software needed by each worker to do his job would have to be obtained. Finally, adequate storage space for all of the business’s data, and back up for that data would have to be deployed. This is the way it has been done in traditional businesses for years. Now all of that is undergoing a big change.

The Idea of Cloud Computing
The Idea of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is a more efficient use of computing resources. Rarely do servers use all of their capacity. Cloud computing takes advantage of that fact by assigning  tasks to servers as their facilities become available. Each server can be divided into modules that function as separate entities, and can be  used to perform tasks for different users at the same time. This is known as “server virtualization”.

The various servers can manage specific pieces of software, which, in turn, can be accessed by the end user on a “as needed” basis. The business no longer has to purchase individual computers with large disk drives to accommodate the data storage needs of each individual employee. In addition, there is no need to purchase individual licenses for each piece of software neded by each worker to do her job.  The “cloud” manages and stores everything, and it is available instantly to anyone who has proper access.

There is no limit to the kinds of software that can be managed on a cloud system. Word processos, data storage systems, email applications and even computer games would not require separate storage. Instead, they would be stored on remote servers, and made available to the end user when he accesses the service.

The cloud computing services are not standardized. There are a number of interface choices available, which can be tailored to the needs of the individual client.

Businesses benefit because they only have to pay for the services they need, as they need it. It won’t be necessary to buy copies of and licenses for software that  is needed badly, but only occasionally. Instead, cloud computing has the flexibility to meter the use of services as they are used. Thus, a business would receive a bill at the end of the month for the uses of the system it actually made. In addition, it would not have to constantly purchase upgrades, as the service would do that for all of its clients as newer and better applications become available.

In the end, businesses will have much to gain from this new generation of computing. They will be relieved of duplicate license purchases, and upgrade expenses. They would no longer have to worry about storage and back up. Finally, the computers they do purchase will not have to become more and more powerful as long as they have the capacity to log on to the cloud computing service. Replacing older machines would be necessary much less often.