Cloud Services – A Dynamic IT Outsourcing concept

Cloud Services – A Dynamic IT Outsourcing concept
cloud services

Cloud Services brief

Cloud services are those IT services which are being provided by third party as outsourced services to the customers which may be either small, medium and large industries or just an end-user individual customer. The cloud services are being developed and provided on the basis of cloud computing and cloud hosting concept of IT business model.

This modern era of the business is so competitive that cost efficiency and cost cutting is need of every businessman for better profitability and survival of the business in the market. The outsourcing of the services, resources and other infrastructure are the best solutions for an entrepreneur to keep the expenditures in the defined limits and increase the profit margins of the business.

Cloud services are the most cost efficient, easy manageable, fast scalable and hassle free which are being provided to the customers all over the world with high efficiency and smoothness. Cloud services encompass a wide range of the hosted services like, cloud hosted web services, data centre services, data warehousing, data backup services, data processing services, and much more services which are increasing day by day. All of the cloud services are being provided under the common bundles of services like; Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Software as a Service (SaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) etc

Cloud services are very low priced and high efficiency services because of the pooling of the resources, software and hardware. The all of the software and hardware resources of the provider companies are placed in a virtual pool and can be used as per demand as defined policies. The resources are not dedicated to any customer or end user, the resources are dynamically allocated to the customers on demand when are placed in the common pool when those resources are released from one customer; same resources are reallocated to another customer if needed. By the virtue of resource pooling the available resources are utilized at very optimum levels, and thus the price is reduced and high efficiency is achieved in the usage of resources. The concept of cloud services provides SMEs with following key advantages.


Cloud services advantages

  • Highly cost efficient / low priced hosted services.
  • Fully managed services which lead to hassle free experience of cloud services.
  • Availability of highly scalable services; a customer enjoys resilience of ‘pay-as-you-go’ basis.
  • No need of any huge CAPEX for establishment of a dedicated IT services’ network and collocation and no need of every time increasing OPEX for management and maintenance of the dedicated server networks.
  • You do need to manage costly human resources for maintenance of dedicated Information technology networks.
  • You get 24×7 backup customer services which is a huge plus of cloud services
  • You need not to plan, implement and close huge projects; thus save thousands of dollars
  • There are no worries of license managements and up gradations of the software and platforms.

In other words the cloud services are the best choice for the new businesses as well as existing small and medium businesses due to their quality of scalability, cost and efficiency.

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