Cloud Computing – Keep Your Stuff Synchronized In The Cloud

Home users are benefiting from cloud computing. They already enjoy its advantages to some extent. However, giants like Amazon are in the fore front of making the flexibility of cloud computing even better for home users.

Cloud computing is a recent innovation that takes advantage of server capabilities that are wasted under old computing models. Instead of having to buy individual software licenses for each employee, by using cloud computing businesses can subscribe to a service that makes the applications it needs available on a per use basis. Consequently, businesses can manage their cloud computing resources in a way that allows them to control what applications they are using, and only pay for what they need, instead of having to buy extra resources to get what they want.

The need for large on site storage facilities is also eliminated with cloud computing. Data is stored by the host on its servers, and only accessed by the business for its own purposes when necessary. Add to that, the security of having data backed up within the cloud computing system itself makes business data management economical and safe.


Cloud Computing
Cloud Computing


However, it now seems that the home user will soon have the same advantages afforded to businesses by cloud computing. Amazon cloud computing system already offers  free storage on its servers for up to 5 gigs. Home users can upload their music, movies and other media to Amazon’s “Cloud Computing Drive” to use whenever they want.

What is even better, with cloud computing system, they can synchronize there data with any device they happen to own. This is to say, they can access the content of their “Cloud Computing Drive” no matter where they are, and no matter what device they happen to have on hand.

The possibilities for the home computer user to use cloud computing are endless. Not only entertainment media can be stored on cloud computing system. Documents, pictures and other digital materials can be uploaded and shared among friends and family members.

Using cloud computing families can plan their events in a private, centralized location that any member can view as needed. Cloud computing systems are also a great place to store their memories on a remote server that is not likely to be subject to a devastating data loss because of a crash. Amazon cloud computing system has too much to lose to be careless about back up. Never fear. If 5 gigs, enough to store a whopping 1000 songs, isn’t enough, Amazon cloud computing system will sell you all the space you could possibly use. In fact, you will automatically be upgraded to 20 gigs of cloud computing storage for a full year if you buy an album through Amazon’s music store.

Other web giants are shortly to follow Amazon’s lead. Both Google and Apple have cloud computing services in the works. In fact, on-line data storage is nothing new, and has been available to home users for some time. It is the social networking aspect of Amazon’s cloud computing program that has caused its competitors to prick their ears. It won’t be long until the popularity of a song or performer will be determined by what users share in the cloud, and that will make loads of money for the first one to tap the potential. So far, Amazon cloud computing is way in the lead.

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