What is Cloud computing?

What is cloud computing? Visit www.intel.com/itcenter/cloud to learn. Current IT infrastructure must adapt to the increasing requirements and demand of users globally. Intel and its partners are working to develop cloud computing infrastructure and architecture to meet these needs and take the data center to the next level delivering secure, energy efficient hardware and services to move the cloud for the next five years.
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Question by J.B.: What is Cloud computing?
I hear a lot about “cloud computing” But the comercials never really say what it actually is. How does it work, what does it cost, What equipment is needed. The commercails are great but useless when it comes to Why would I a regular consumer want it.

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Answer by KIP

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Question by Lou: Will the IT Department become obsolete by Cloud Computing and the theoretical “Autonomic Computing”?
After doing a bit of research from some google searches, it seems that Cloud Computing will be the next big thing in the world of technology. Where you no longer need a big hard drive to store your information, because it will be in servers, most probably half-way across the world from where you are. Cloud Computing seems very nice, and actually, I agree that it’d be a very good advance in technology, but only for the consumers. From also what I’ve learned from brief research on Cloud Computing, it will cut the needs for IT’s. Now, I plan on becoming an IT when I get older, but seeing employment of ITs being cut because of new technology which corrects itself if it finds errors, and less need for hardware and software installation since the server would do it for you… What would happen to all of the people taking training to become ITs like I plan to do? Also, the Autonomic Computing, which is a scary concept in itself for people seeking employment, it would manage itself! No need for ITs to manage and fix errors because it will do it itself. After seeing a few “Robot-dominates-mankind” based movies, I am also worried about an AI having complete control over majority of information in the world if Cloud Computing becomes very, very popular.

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Answer by Screen Burn
Cloud Computing is just a buzz word. You think we haven’t been here before? Back in the day companies had a mainframe, and everyone connected to it from “dumb” terminals that were essentially just typewriters. All the computing was done on the mainframe, or “the cloud” as we would call it today.

Autonomic Computing is just a pipe dream. Computers are not autonomous and that is a very long way off.

Who do you think manages the servers that run the “cloud”? People do. All the computers are still there, just in data centres rather than in homes. Someone still has to manage them.

Personally I think Cloud Computing is a crock. You have no control over your data, you have to fully trust the company who is managing it on your behalf. And that’s fine, until they make a huge mistake and delete all your data or send it to criminals. Then what are you going to do?

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Question by Newco: What’s cloud computing exactly?
I want to know what’s “cloud computing” exactly?
someone said it means you needn’t hard disk in the future,cause the “cloud” will provide the service of computing and storage,you just need a pipe link your machine to the “cloud”
but others say you computer not only enjoy the service,but also provide
computing and storage service to other computer?
what’s the “cloud computing”exactly?

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Answer by billaryrclinton
SAN – storage area network

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Question by thomas: Cloud Computing Question?
I dont fully understand “Cloud Computing”… Using a Cloud, can I run a full program/software via the internet? So in-turn, I wouldnt be using any of my pc’s resources? For example, if i need to run a software that is blocked on my pc, will it run via a Cloud method?
If a program is blocked due to “admin restrictions” which i can not change, can that program run via Cloud Comp?

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Answer by wesley g
cloud computing is basically when you run programs on someone esle computer from your computer via the internet and programs that are blocked due virus cant be run

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