What are the two main bacteria ruling this world? What do they eat?

Question by experienced: What are the two main bacteria ruling this world? What do they eat?

The two main BACTERIA ruling this world are ra and re. Since they are bacteria, they reproduce. We are inside the belly of these two main bacteria on death row. The blood group species received a deceitful contract from bacteria to allow bacteria to live in them. So the ones that claim that their gods give them promise land are the receiving temples of bacteria. So bacteria call themselves “holy ghosts” “gods” goddesses” “spirits” and called the hosts “temples” “machines” and the bugs living on the “temples” called the “temples” “horses”.

Before the followers of these bacterial gods use to sacrifice blatantly the blood species to them on pyramids. They remove the hearts while beating to offer it to their sun or moon gods. Now, since they are not allowed to do so, they sacrifice cows, chickens, and such to their gods and eat the flesh and the blood of these animals. These gods kill people using tornadoes, twisters, tsunamis, earthquakes, flood, and other methods.

What are these gods?

They are bacteria living in water, land, clouds, and air. These bacteria are from the moon and other related planets. That is why the world ra and re ruled is made of darkness. The sun worshipers are afraid of the flame planet that can fry them. So they created a word call sun, which are clouds pierced by the light of the flame planet.

Why is there only one flame planet?

The bacterial ice planets have partly conquered the flame planet by dividing it and keep part of it hostage under the earth.

Each group of bacteria call their enemies by the name of animals that they eat. For examples, one group of religious bacteria called their enemies “sheep”, “cows”, “snakes”, and anything that is edible.

What would a pastor or a priest call their followers sheep? Because the sheep are for guarding and eating. So these people trust in the ones that are eating them every day.

What is communion?

Communion is the gathering of bacteria symbolizing eating flesh and drinking blood of their enemies. So religious people are cannibals.

Do religious people carry parasites?

Yes religious people carry parasites. The dead people they serve are parasites, which have eaten the dead. Wherever one parasite live, many parasites follow. So as religious people worship the dead, those that eat the dead are with them always. So religious people have mites, roaches, and multiple parasites on them, in them, and around them.

What happened in “holidays”?

The monstrous viruses living in people sacrificed the blood species to eat: cows, sheep, and the likes. Then the viruses in the earth sacrifice people to eat in the form of tsunamis, earthquakes and such. Then the viruses in the clouds sacrifice people to eat in the forms of twisters, hurricanes, and tornadoes.

How did this world become so viral?

People are burying animals and people alive as sacrifices. The air and blood living the people are trapped in the soil and become one with the soil. The tormenting residue turned their surrounding into a monstrous creatures and terrorize their surroundings. The earth, the sea, and everywhere become monstrosities.

Bacteria take advantage of this fact to rule the living and the dead. The dead are trapped and so are the living in the bowel of bacteria. Bacteria became spheres that trapped everything in it to digest. So uneducated people keep feeding bacteria with sacrifices and bacteria keep feeding them with fear. Every time catastrophes happen, people turned to bacteria their gods for help, while bacteria are the ones terrorizing them.

Do we have mean to annihilate bacteria?

Yes. Antibacterial bombs, Satellites with antibacterial lights, Methods to sanitize earth, sea, space, and water are already in our hand. But bacteria use the poor, which they made to become rich, to stop people from annihilating them.

Who are rich people, kings, queens, and such?

They are lowest scums of the earth or lowest poor made rich. These rich people that have sold their soul and body for title, glory, and riches are the ones ruling the planet to this day through their descendants, which they have made temples of their gods: bacteria.

That is why bacteria always chose among the poor that have killed and proven to be killers to become leaders of their world. These people are willing temples of bacteria and they are the rulers of all bacterial kingdoms called Earth.

Deal or No Deal, the game, is one method for bacteria to recruit assassins to rule this world. Every single one of these people are selling their family and themselves to bacteria for one moment of wealth. When they die, bacteria turned into maggots and other despicable insects to eat their body, its temple.

Why is everything in this world named after bacteria and bacterium?

Bacteria rule earth and named earth after them. In the name “bacteria”, there are three names: r

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