Riot Games Esports Co-Head Talks ‘League of Legends’ 2017 World Championship

The world’s top competitive video gamers are facing off in China over the next few weeks for the League of Legends 2017 World Championship, one of the premier tournaments in the fast-growing world of esports. Hosted by Riot Games, the company that makes the popular League of Legends (LoL) online game, the tournament’s early rounds […] Read more »

IDG Contributor Network: 8 steps to IT control in a self-service cloud world

The natural cycle in IT is to move from decentralized to centralized services. When networking first appeared, it was implemented at a department level for printer sharing. It was decentralized—resulting in a hodgepodge of networks and protocols. Eventually IT organizations determined that it was much more efficient to centralize this effort and we saw the […] Read more »

IDG Contributor Network: How to get the most out of data, services in a multi-cloud world

There’s no doubt that we’re quickly moving toward a multi-cloud-dominated world. By the end of 2018, over half of enterprise-class businesses will subscribe to more than five different public cloud services.1 The pragmatic reality for the vast majority of enterprises is that their IT, and thus their data and services, will span multiple data centers and […] Read more »

This site aims to be the Yelp of the SaaS world

Online reviews have already transformed the way people choose everything from restaurants to respiratory therapists, and now SaasGenius wants to do the same for enterprise software in the cloud. This week the company will launch a beta version of its service, and it invites participants to submit reviews of business software in 12 different categories. […] Read more »

Microsoft launches IoT Hub to ingest data from the physical world

Microsoft’s Azure IoT Hub for managing fleets of devices that collect data about the the physical world will be made generally available on Thursday. The product, which was announced in September, allows companies to provision, manage and ingest data from millions of devices that are part of the internet of things. It’s designed to help companies […] Read more »

IDG Contributor Network: Quarterly reporting seasons shows how the technology world is fundamentally changing

Having been following the technology industry since the dawn of the cloud age (which was, after all, only a decade or so ago) I’ve been privy to some pretty interesting conversations. Indeed, when it comes to the adoption of cloud, Gandhi’s quote springs to mind: “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then […] Read more »

IDG Contributor Network: Will VMware survive a post-virtualization world?

Having recently attended VMworld, VMware’s annual user conference this year, I came away ruminating on VMware’s existential future. (disclosure: VMware covered my travel and expenses to attend the event). I spent much of the keynote on day one of VMworld trading tweets with other members of the commentating classes. My tweets were, admittedly, somewhat snarky […] Read more »

IDG Contributor Network: Devops in an application-centric cloud world

The application-centric cloud development model becomes a devops approach to managing applications. Traditional cultural differences between developers and operations are very pronounced in the current information technology environments, but devops brings forth a blended approach to moving applications and a much quicker and more agile approach to the application-centric cloud. Devops also makes both sides responsible […] Read more »

Silver Peak CEO: We’re re-imagining the WAN for a cloud world

Silver Peak, Inc., made its name as a top provider of wide-area network optimization capabilities. But the company has its sights set on a loftier goal today: Completely changing the way you build your entire WAN. Silver Peak is moving rapidly to support so-called software-defined WANs, which make it easier and cheaper to connect branches […] Read more »

Cloud World Forum: 'Rightsizing' your cloud security features

Cloud World Forum: 'Rightsizing' your cloud security features I'm really looking forward to the Cloud World Forum, which will meet in London from June 24-25. Events of this type are great opportunities to immerse yourself in the current state of a given market. And the cloud market remains quite diverse and … Read more on […] Read more »

Is a Cloud Computing World Flatter, Faster, and More Fun? Lanham Napier of

Is a Cloud Computing World Flatter, Faster, and More Fun? Lanham Napier of … Napier, CEO of the $ 780 million hosting company Rackspace, spoke with Techonomy's Adam Ludwig about the present and future of cloud computing. When I was a kid, my first computer was an Apple I. Every application ran locally. … Read […] Read more »

Cloud hosting is the real world

by Cirne The “cloud” is the connected servers that allow a website to process with the power of many servers and utilize the all resources of the server group in real time. This is . A website hosted on uses a group of clustered servers to enhance its performance.   is beneficial to everyone. Start-ups […] Read more »

What are the two main bacteria ruling this world? What do they eat?

Question by experienced: What are the two main bacteria ruling this world? What do they eat? ONLY BACTERIA AND THEIR BACTERIAL SERVANTS WILL BE OFFENDED The two main BACTERIA ruling this world are ra and re. Since they are bacteria, they reproduce. We are inside the belly of these two main bacteria on death row. […] Read more »