Cisco pits modular storage servers against public clouds

Cisco Systems is finding its way into storage through its successful server business. On Tuesday, the company introduced modular systems that can be deployed with different combinations of computing and storage capacity.

Though it’s not Cisco’s first foray into storage, the UCS S3260 Storage Server offers a density and a freedom of configuration that stands out against other systems, even competing on cost with public cloud services, the company says.

The server was announced at the Cisco Partner Summit in San Francisco. It’s the first entry in Cisco’s S-Series, a line of systems designed to serve both enterprises and companies that provide cloud services to others.

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As Dell and HPE revamp, Lenovo sets sights on enterprise cloud servers

The cloud — both on-premise and off-premise — is transforming servers and data centers, and many companies are getting vendors to customize hardware for specific cloud-based workloads.

Lenovo wants a bigger chunk of that market and is working toward offering custom-built converged servers targeted at specific tasks. The company is also looking for a larger opportunity with custom hardware for large-scale customers.

Companies like Facebook, Google, and Amazon are designing their own servers for mega-data centers. These servers are designed to handle workloads specific to the company’s requirements, like responding to search requests or recognizing people in uploaded images.

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PowerShell for Linux makes it easier to mix clients, servers and clouds

Microsoft’s key, .NET-based scripting and management framework is now open source and available for Linux (initially Ubuntu, RedHat and CentOS) and Mac OS, and both cloud and traditional infrastructure companies are stepping up to support it.

Open source, Linux and Mac OS announcements from Microsoft are becoming routine under CEO Satya Nadella, but making PowerShell fully open source and making it cross-platform is particularly significant — and not just because PowerShell for Linux is something that customers have been requesting for a long time.

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Zappa serves Python Web apps, minus the servers

Zappa, a framework for running “server-less” Python Web applications, will deploy scalable applications to the cloud with one command.

Detailed by Rich Jones of freelance developer service, Zappa, named for the late musician, uses the AWS Lambda compute service and Amazon’s API gateway service. Applications can be deployed for a fraction of the expense that comes with using a traditional Web server, Jones said in a blog post announcing the service this week. The first major client library for the framework is django-zappa, for deploying Django applications on AWS Lambda with the gateway.

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RightScale: More than 3 million servers launched

ubuntu 9.10 cloud server cds

Image by osde8info
ubuntu 9.10 cloud server cds

RightScale: More than 3 million servers launched
20, 2011, 12:01am PT No Comments RightScale, which gives companies a good look into the innards of their cloud computing workloads, just surpassed the 3-million-server mark. RightScale's cloud management platform launched in 2007.
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RI set to see robust growth in cloud computing: EMC
Cloud computing is the practice of using a network of remote servers hosted on the Internet to store, manage, and process data, rather than a local server. EMC's country manager for Indonesia Adi Rusli, who also attended the interview session,
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How to Configure Your DNS to Use Cloud Apps
In this way, you can still use your local mail server at a lower priority if you need it. Whether or not your cloud provider offers domain services depends on the arrangement you have with them, and prices may vary. If you are unsure if you can use
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Technology used in Cloud Servers

Cloud server technology, computing power increased management demands effective and easy server cloud. Cloud computing is an Internet infrastructure to demand self-service where users pay as and when, and use only what they need. It is controlled by a browser application or API. With the technology of the clouds, all server instances fully scalable and continuous monitoring. Within minutes you can get more disk space, bandwidth, memory, and there will be no impact on your operating environment. Virtualization software that comes with the cloud provides an easy management and mobility. Just like a standard server dedicated servers clouds root access, memory, files, processes, configuration files, IP addresses, system libraries and programs.


simple and effective management of the cloud is the result of cloud environments, for easy navigation. Users have all the information and the control of a single panel allows for easy deployment and management of cloud environments. No matter how large or complex deployment, users, manage and monitor their servers for many service providers from a single dashboard. Both the hardware and servers virtualized multi-tenant, the instrument panel makes the management of this hybrid infrastructure, very easy.


When the cloud of management, users manage systems, not individual servers. When the effective management, users can perform a simple tracking script, so you can keep track of what they want. Cloud-platform provider of management for users superb control and transparency, and can solve problems, verify, manage and maintain applications throughout the life cycle of deployment. In addition, users can create and manage access rights and rights of access through multi-level production systems. They can also set user IDs to monitor the use and cost of the project reviews, and department.



allows you to resize horizontally by balancing load across multiple web interfaces. They have a management function of the template makes it easy to balance the load. You can also identify new servers clouds identical for tests without sacrificing your original cloud. A dedicated server includes the construction of a new server, installing the software, then copy data to new hardware. It can be expensive because you have to employ redundant hardware in months or years.


Cloud hosting services provide all the necessary tools to manage their servers. It is easy to perform tasks such as browsers of your backup, restore, firewall, monitoring, scale and private network. With dedicated servers, hosting services can be very expensive because you have to pay each payment, such as leasing a PBX. In addition, with each rental, you will have a monthly contract or annual contract. When it comes to choosing a server for your business web site, you should check the value of the servers in the cloud, since they are highly profitable and high-performance servers that can meet the demands of the enterprise server. Furthermore, the quality of hosting services that are determined to ensure that all needs are met server.


Cloud storage is a system of online storage where data is stored on virtual servers rather than dedicated servers. Hosting companies have large data centers and people are saved and people are often also a storage space in the lease as well. Storage resources in the cloud is also virtualized data center operators based on customer needs and pool storage resources, clients can use resources according to their needs.


Often, a gateway to cloud storage can be used for offices and the customer, which makes the device to operate at a normal storage device. The gateway servers are translated into standard cloud hosting API-based storage protocol data block or file-based storage protocol.



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Cloud Computing – Servers Up in Q2: IDC

Cloud Computing – Servers Up in Q2: IDC
Improvements were made across all three server classes: volume, midrange enterprise and high-end enterprise: x86 volume systems were up 16.6%, mid-range Unix systems by 16.7% and high-end mainframe-class systems by 22.8%. IDC's outlook for the second
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IDT's New coolRAC(TM) Technology Boosts Server Power Efficiency Over 10% in
This solution provides a low-cost and high availability cabinet-level power solution for server, network, and storage products, such as those used in massive cloud computing facilities. The return on investment of coolRAC versus existing power
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Storm On Demand Cloud Servers! Instant Cloud Server Deployment. StormOnDemand enables you to effortlessly create servers on the fly and fully customize your hosting configuration with a click of the mouse. You’ll enjoy hourly billing, so you never pay for more than you need to, and access to our full suite of tools to manage your cloud network of servers. Storm is a Liquid Web Company. http

Manage your Cloud servers better with CloudKick

Got some cloud-based servers on Amazon or Rackspace Cloud? CloudKick just showed off a new 3D visualization of your server infrastructure which helps you manage your Cloud servers better. Pretty cool stuff.

Question by Ben G: iPod Touch wifi – “cannot find server”?
i have an iPod touch and it is connected up to my secure talktalk connection and has full bars in the corner, but when i go on to Safari the message appears “safari can’t open the page because it cannot find the server”. I’ve been looking for ways to fix this but all the things i’ve tried from websites (e.g. forums) haven’t worked.
When i connected to “the cloud” wireless hotspot it worked fine but my home connection just wont work even after entering my WEP key. PLEASE HELP!!!

Best answer:

Answer by PicoMe This
It think that the problem is on the router side and not the iPod side. Try reconfiguring your router.

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Question by GRIM: How to create a Web Server?
What i want to do is use an existing computer as a web server. I want to host my personal website AND also be able to access files like a “cloud” server. The computer that will be running this “server” will be running Windows XP (more then likely if I can’t get a hold of Windows 7 in the next few weeks)

This computer will house all backups of my documents and pictures, and my website is a forum based site, and more then likely run a game server on it as well down the road.

So please be as detailed as you can, I am computer literate, however more details makes it easier for me to follow.

Also, using a linksys router, not sure what i have to do with that…..

Thanks in advance!!!!

Best answer:

Answer by John
Download apache tomcat.

Unzip it.

Run the apache-tomcat/bin/startup.exe

Now go to http://localhost:8080

You are running your own server! Now you have to program html files for it.

To get it on the web, you sadly need to call your ISP and have them open port 80. It will cost you some money since they think you are running a business. Or you can get hosting from bluehost or godaddy (although godaddy is hard to use and doesn’t host files, it just reserves your domain).

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How Cloud Servers A Cloud Host Can Help Your Business Web Site

The latest in the wide array of networking choices for businesses and individuals to choose from are cloud servers. Many are jumping on board the “cloud server bandwagon”, as many see this the way of the networking future. By purchasing cloud server hosting solutions, your business can decrease capital output costs, and get the advanced functionality of cloud servers, which is a huge benefit.

Cloud computing is a way by which resources are pooled together for use in networking, file transfers, application and process running, and more. When in Europe, in the market for cloud servers, the UK boasts a great number of options for you to choose from. You get all the virtual networking space and functionalities, without all the costs of the dedicated server, by contracting with a cloud server host.

For fast, efficient, and secure ways to meet all your networking needs, UK cloud servers do not disappoint. You get the powerful resources your host has at their disposal when you subscribe to a cloud server hosting company – you aren’t merely relegated to the resources you have, which aren’t likely enough to handle your needs. As they don’t require nearly the hardware as traditional networking server solutions, and the care and maintenance is simple, cloud server solutions are often more affordable than the alternatives. Many are, for this reason, beginning to transition from the traditional dedicated server to the use of cloud servers as the solution of choice when it comes their their networking needs.

You need powerful, safe ways of transferring and receiving information over the internet. You need the most advanced, high quality security when selling products online, as you will be handling users highly sensitive financial information, so it is important to find these solutions at a price you can afford. As improvements in cloud server technology have continued to advance, cloud server hosting companies can now confidently provide you with all the security you need, as well as offering highly reliable service, at a more affordable price that many of the alternatives. The bottom line is important in our business. Any cost cutting solution that also doesn’t require one to sacrifice functionality, or quality of services, is something that all business owners would want a part of. With a cloud server host you can still have access to the highest quality, most secure and functional network you need, while reducing your overall expenditures on server hosting solutions.

In the UK, regardless of where you are, you will have access to high quality, affordable UK cloud servers. This gives you the most advanced functionalities available to date, while also giving you the ability to save money on your server hosting needs Without all the hassle and cost as a traditional server, but with all the functionality, security, and options, a cloud server hosting company can give you access to all you need for your networking solutions.

ServerLove provide cloud servers hosting packages at specifically cloud servers UK. presents “Private Cloud 101 – A complete guide to private cloud hosting” 1. What is private cloud 2. Benefits of private cloud 3. Dedicated hosting vs private cloud comparison 4. Security 5. eCommerce Flexibility 6. Private Cloud in Back Office 7. Utility Billing 8. Saas Environment 9. Choosing the right provider
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