Oracle’s Hurd, AT&T’s Donovan on their massive cloud migration deal

If worries about digital transformation projects keep you up at night, imagine how it would feel to be responsible for moving thousands of internal databases to the cloud for a company with more than $ 160 billion in annual sales and 260,000 employees. That’s the job that AT&T Communications CEO John Donovan is undertaking, and […] Read more »

Oracle’s next big business is selling your info

There’s a decent chance you’re part of Oracle’s next big business. Not selling products to you, but selling you as a product. That’s the idea behind the Oracle Data Cloud, a massive pool of information about consumers and companies. The tech titan has put it together by tracking people across the web and buying data […] Read more »

Q&A: Oracle’s future lies in cloud, APIs, and microservices

In addition to Java, Oracle has been focusing lately on cloud, chatbots, and APIs. InfoWorld Editor at Large Paul Krill met with Oracle’s Amit Zavery, senior vice president of Oracle Cloud, at this week’s DeveloperWeek conference in San Francisco to talk about the company’s technology directions. [ Docker, Amazon, TensorFlow, Windows 10, and more: See […] Read more »

Oracle’s infrastructure business focuses on bare metal to go after AWS

Larry Ellison made a splash this week when he said that Oracle would give Amazon a run for its money in the cloud. Then, the company outlined the pillar of the tech titan’s infrastructure offering: beefy, bare-metal servers running in the cloud.  That’s right: Oracle is going after a market that’s full of virtualized workloads […] Read more »

Pivotal, WSO2 seize on Oracle’s Java EE delays

As Thomas Kurian told InfoWorld in July, Oracle has been busy drawing up a new road map for Java EE (Enterprise Edition) that will “modernize” the language for the cloud era. The JavaOne conference in September, supposedly, will reveal all. Meanwhile, Pivotal and WSO2 already see themselves meeting the needs of modern enterprise Java by enabling […] Read more »

A look at Oracle’s 10 biggest acquisitions

Oracle is back at it again today, announcing one of the largest acquisitions in company history with the purchase of enterprise resource planning (ERP) company NetSuite for $ 9.3 billion. +MORE AT NETWORK WORLD: Details of Oracle’s NetSuite takeover | Can Oracle buy its way into the cloud? + Larry Ellison and crew are no […] Read more »

Oracle’s Larry Ellison unveils new services, products in cloud push

Oracle Executive Chairman Larry Ellison unveiled Sunday new cloud applications and services, including a training tool that integrates with the company’s human resources application, and gave a glimpse of the company’s security strategy. As is expected with Ellison’s speeches, the keynote at Oracle OpenWorld in San Francisco was peppered with digs at rivals. He took […] Read more »

Amazon cuts cost of running Oracle’s database in its cloud

Amazon Web Services now lets companies run Oracle’s database for about 3 cents per hour, while at the same time adding more options for enterprises that want to move high-performance workloads to the cloud. The offering that makes this possible is Amazon RDS (Relational Database Service), which aims to offer cheap and resizable capacity, and […] Read more »