Facebook search tools take aim at Twitter’s relationship with news

Facebook is updating its search tool to make it easier for users to find things that interest them among the 2 trillion items archived by the company’s index.

The update boasts personalized search suggestions, the ability to search through public posts in addition to those made by friends or family, and a new tool that allows people to view public conversations around news stories. That last item is by far the most interesting — and the one most likely to worry Twitter.

Twitter often bills itself as a forum for public conversations. Unless someone makes their entire account private, every 140-characters-or-fewer missive is indexed and can be found by anyone using the service’s search function. This makes it relatively easy to find and participate in active conversations — especially when used in conjunction with hashtags, Twitter’s defining mark. Facebook has basically just recreated one of the most useful parts of Twitter.

I doubt this will convince Twitter users to suddenly use Facebook as a home for their pithy, snarky-or-smarmy remarks about the day’s news. And that’s OK. Facebook has many times as many monthly active users as Twitter; and with more and more people using services like Instagram or Messenger, it’s already established itself as the social network of choice for more than a billion people. Now, it just has to make sure those people don’t have dalliances with other apps.

Put another way: Facebook has just removed another reason people might decide to sign up for Twitter instead of remaining content with its services. (Or, at the very least, given casual Twitter users one less reason to occasionally stray from Facebook.) The company has become a magician willing to pull anything — Snapchat clones, standalone messaging apps, improved search tools, etc. — from its hat to prevent its all-but-captive audience from checking out another exhibit.

The changes to Facebook’s search tool will likely seem weird to people who joined the network for the purpose of staying in touch with their real-life social circles. But if Twitter and other platforms (like Reddit) have shown us anything, it’s that many will also want to have conversations with interesting folks they’ve never met, and discuss topics that might not appeal to the people in their daily lives. It’s a very kumbaya-esque mission to connect people with random people who happen to share their interests as well as the people in their everyday lives.

Still, the changes are unlikely to make Twitter a ghost town. Twitter users have their cliques; they prize their follower counts; and probably value having a place where they can express an opinion without repercussion. One of the main things stopping people from having public conversations on Facebook’s platform is the “real name” policy that prevents users from hiding their identities. (Or in some cases embracing their true selves, trying to escape dangerous situations, or simply using whatever unique name their parents gave them.) Twitter and Reddit are both popular at least partly because they don’t have policies like that.

Then again, Facebook doesn’t have to win anyone’s heart or mind — it just has to hold its users’ attention tightly enough that it doesn’t wander. This improved search feature is just the latest beast it’s pulled from its hat to do just that.

Facebook search tools take aim at Twitter’s relationship with news originally published by Gigaom, © copyright 2015.

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How News Corp is uniting 10 business units and 25,000 employees in a global IT push

Embarking on a new IT project is a major undertaking no matter what your company’s scope or size, but when you’re News Corp — with 10 business units and 25,000 employees around the globe — it’s not for the faint of heart.

That, however, was exactly the challenge that faced Dominic Shine less than a year after he joined the media conglomerate as global CIO.

Spurred by the company’s split from 21st Century Fox back in 2013, Shine helped create a brand-new global enterprise IT strategy to take the newly reborn News Corp into the future. With 25,000 employees to support in 10 major business units covering diverse industries such as news, book publishing, marketing, real estate and education, Shine started by ensuring that the new strategy was based on three simple pillars.

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Network World Cloud Computing

Vexxhost Web Hosting Deals Carries On For Seventh Anniversary Activities

GreatResponder.com the web hosting news agency said that Vexxhost web hosting enterprise is actually one of many companies that offer cheap cloud hosting running for the budget consumers available. The Canadian based web hosting corporation is honoring its 7th anniversary of it successful operation in the domain of hosting business. Many incentivized programs are being provided in the wake of its 7th anniversary celebrations. These offers contain huge savings up to Fifty%, 1 month free services, and many more, click this link for more.

This has been published earlier this month by Vexxhost web hosting company for valuable customers to sign up the activities of this fantastic corporation in the marketplace. That it was further announced previously that this was a a very special deal and later on it absolutely was extended for little more time and now client could benefit from these very limited time opportunities. It had been further announced that these discounts are bundled with all of existing wonderful features and world class customer service services from Vexxhost web hosting enterprise.

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In his statement, Mr. Mohammed Naser the ceo of Vexxhost web hosting corporation stated, “It is our prime concern to keep the customer satisfied with the help of great qualities of our hosting services; our dedicated teams always put customer satisfaction on the top of our priority list”. He further said, “We appreciated the tireless hardworking of Vexxhost team members and our valuable customers to join us in these celebration of collective success”.

To result Vexxhost web hosting company is among the suppliers that supply affordable cloud hosting functioning for the budget customers on the market place. Canadian based web hosting provider is honoring its 7th anniversary of it productive operation in the domain of web host business. Many incentivized plans are now being presented in the wake of its 7th anniversary festivities. These bonuses consist of enormous discount rates up to Fifty%, 1 month free websites, and much more.

Vexxhost Web Hosting Celebrates Seven Years Of Good Results By Offering One Month Totally Free Registration On Cloud Hosting Plan

Vexxhost Web Hosting Celebrates Seven Years
Vexxhost Web Hosting Celebrates Seven Years

GreatResponder.com post that Vexxhost Web Hosting supplier is celebrating its 7th anniversary of it successful enterprise in the domain of cloud hosting solutions. They’ve announced couple of incredible bonuses, functions, and gives with this good moment of celebrations. They’re proposing 30 days completely free subscription on its top quality cloud hosting service. It had been publicised on Vexxhost website that now new subscription of cloud hosting services will get a month service free from any fees.

As per web statements, these cloud hosting services will likely be fully scalable, reliable, and redundant, highly features, and based on C-panel interface. Subscriber has full freedom to scale the services capacity and sources scale up or scale down at any movement through highly safe and robust interface like control panel and other connected cloud hosting tools. These cloud hosting services are very featured and well designed in terms of useful features. They are offering redundant systems that make the services offerings the most reliable and efficient available on the market place. These services are based on highly leading edge advance technology that provide complete and decisive grip on your resources and service.

In web-site promotions, Vexxhost Web Hosting publicized that they are presenting this unique promotion in the wake of continuing Seventh years of celebrations at Vexxhost company. They are also offering huge discount rates (limited number of package offers) on new subscribers. They are now offering this great cloud hosting services at as little as $ 69.95 per month.

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VEXXHOST.Com Offers 50% Discounted On Its Professional Web Host Package

Vexxhost Shared Hosting
Vexxhost Shared Hosting

GreatResponder.com post that VEXXHOST web host announced its awesome pricing package for remarkably competitive web host package called professional web hosting package. Now, VEXXHOST gives you 50% off on its amazing hosting package. VEXXHOST.Com shared web host plan could be availed as little as $ 4.48 a month. Earlier the price of the same package was $8.95 per month. This was published in a press release by the media team of VEXXHOST.Com web hosting recently.

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In the meantime, it had been also stated in the media release that the customer support of VEXXHOST may be over the par and there was a continuous improvement in the pricing schemes and other value added services of VEXXHOST.

It was maintained that VEXXHOST hosting always is extremely committed to provide top class, industry grade, and objective crucial services to its useful client. Succeeding of great awards and accolades are major proof of this claim. Frequently improvement in the security and other associated functions is an continuing procedure here in VEXXHOST web hosting.

Professional, well trained, well mannered human resources and IT personnel are main elements in regular growing success of VEXXHOST hosting. Great reviews and feedback left by satisfied customers of VEXXHOST.Com is open verdict for its high quality

Vexxhost Web Hosting Announces Its New Cloud Platform

GreatResponder publish that – Vexxhost.Com a web host supplier declares on their blog site that they launched a totally new cloud hosting. The newest platform employs the real clouds (clouds in the sky) to host the cloud server and they’re using a 16 satellites around the globe to keep online connectivity with the sky clouds system. They also said the idea of this new Cloud Platform came whenever they saw a video about how NASA launched a cloud that do rain.

To get the full story of this breaking news, visit Vexxhost.Com blog post at http://vexxhost.com/blog/2011/04/01/taking-cloud-hosting-to-the-new-level/; this will be really a great system if it is not April fools. Lets wait for Vexxhost developers to create us exciting news like this April fools story. They also announce how good this cloud system is, and exactly how redundant it is, the device has CPU, RAM, Disk Space and network redundancy. They said that their system is more advanced and way better than almost all of the cloud systems given by other providers.

Why Vexxhost.Com
Vexxhost.Com web host services allow you to focus on the development of the business with out the stress of searching for ways to scale and upgrade the site as the business expands. The requirements for a Tier 3 data center require us to maintain a high level of redundancy on different factors such as power, cooling and telecommunications. In order to maintain the Tier 3 compliancy, they also have numerous security measures in place. With strong focus on security, sophisticated systems with CCTV video surveillance system backed up by over three-hundred cameras, controlled access backed up by proximity access cards and 24×7 on-site security. Plus; Cisco powered network in Vexxhost Montreal data center has one of the very sophisticated network infrastructures able to handle any sized client. With any of Vexxhost clients’ requirements, the required infrastructure to aid the requested Internet connection from Vexxhost site. Also; Vexxhost data center is among the greenest datacenters in Canada. Vexxhost entire power supply is provided from Hydro-Quebec. Hydro-Quebec is the biggest hydroelectricity producer in North America, with 95 percent of its production coming from this renewable energy . Therefore, the environmental impact of electricity utilization at Vexxhost data centers is minimal. As Hardware; Vexxhost utilize Dell for Vexxhost servers hardware because of their outstanding record in stability and support in the Information Tech industry.

VEXXHOST Web Host Offers 1 Month Free on Cloud Server Membership

GreatResponder.com the trustful web hosting news site put up on June 19, 2012 that VEXXHOST web hosting company is the most effective budget hosting companies in the globe. The prices schemes of this company are already very exciting however VEXXHOST webhosting company is offering another extraordinary incentivized offer. They provide one month free service on the subscription of cloud server.

Cloud server deal of VEXXHOST Company is already among the lowest priced plans on the market place. Month-to-month registration for cloud server starts from as little as just $ 8 monthly. Once you get subscription of this package you will also enjoy one month free of charges. Thus, VEXXHOST is doubling the advantages of the customers on their association with this brilliant web host company.

It is often released on the release of through company website that the new offers are very attractive for small, and medium organization groups and entrepreneurs. The charge has also been decreased at the same time the great rewards are also brought to supply the best interest for the clients for this offer. VEXXHSOT webhosting company is anticipating a large number of clients through this promotional offer to its prospects.

VEXXHOST web host company also maintained that customer service, and technical features of the cloud server plans are being revised and for better services and experience of valuable customers. The newest and revised prices would mark the newest milestone in the journey to aggressive market race. Competition in very tough available in the market and a dynamic approach can only survive and support in this expanding market of web hosting and cloud hosting.

VEXXHOST knows the difficulties of competitive market and keep itself very prepared and able to deal with the challenging effectively and effectively. VEXXHOST hosting always attempts to lead the competitiveness in this industry of organization.

Vexxhost Web Hosting Protects the Customer Websites with New Significant Features

GreatResponder.com addressed on June 4th, 2012 that the famous web hosting provider Vexxhost would boost the security of current customers with new significant features. Vexxhost web hosting is one of the providers that continue to leverage the latest technologies to improve the performance of hosting services with the balance of keeping the prices affordable to their customers. Vexxhost designed and performed the new features to make sure that they offer their customers the best high quality of services with very affordable low rates.

Optimizations The Performance of PHP Dynamic Pages
Vexxhost web hosting announced upgrading to PHP 5.3 in order to support all the latest applications on the services by restoring the original way of configuring options on server using “php_flag” and “php_value” in .htaccess which will make changing PHP configuration much easier, instead of dealing with complex php.ini files that would not propagate recursively into folders which will load so fast, because of the new DSO implementation that Vexxhost have designed by the company engineers.

Optimization the  Performance of MySQL
The Significant modifications are exclusive and done by Vexxhost web hosting engineers to Vexxhost hosting customers at the same time the customers will be able to continue to use MySQL with no problems at all as all of the regular features of MySQL will continue working with no issues at all. Vexxhost web hosting company engineered new MySQL 5.5 to optimize the MySQL engine to work with the type of loads that are usually seen on the company hosting servers as a result the performance of the servers are extremely significant and they are extremely noticeable and they examed and test  the response times by the servers to serve more queries per second with much lower performance overhead (no extra slowdowns).

Filtering the Outbound Spam
Vexxhost web hosting;  implemented a new proprietary technology that is automatically detects outgoing spam automatically by taking action by rejecting the email and never allowing it to leave Vexxhost network which ensures that no outgoing spam leaves the servers and will improve email delivery significantly, due to the fact that there will be no outbursts of spam emails until web hosting engineers able to track it down.

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Is There Any Web Hosting Spring Coupons and Where Can Be Found?

Try to start your web site or you are looking for better web hosting provider ? is there any good place to find good services with cheap prices, availability and up time ….


Web Hosting HostGator Has 25% Off For New Users

Web Hosting HostGator Has 25% Off For New Users

GreatResponder.com on May 8, 2012: Web hosting HostGator the famous web hosting provider who always has great offers which is amazed by the great features and high quality service and of course with great prices. Web hosting HostGator has 25% for new users; this offer is available at CouponBuzz web site. But we need to know that this offer is not for ever, it is for a limited period only, this offer is designed to new users  starting a new web site with HostGator can benefit from this substantial reduction on the cost of web site hosting. “Anyone thinking about starting their own website shouldn’t miss this deal,” says CouponBuzz.com owner and founder, Justin Bowen. “HostGator is simply the best in the business and now customers can make the most of their superior services AND get 25% off the normal cost of web hosting.” CouponBuzz is considered as one of north america leading coupon web sites, with offers thousands of deals daily with daily up dated offers to the site a wide range of discounts on from art and auto, to weddings and web site services. Read More …


InMotion Coupon for 15% Discount Announced by TCWH

The web hosting coupon site Top-Cheap-Web-Hosting.com releases InMotion coupon for 2012 for a compelling 15% discount. The leading web hosting coupon website Top-Cheap-Web-Hosting.com announces the new InMotion coupon for 2012 for InMotion business shared hosting packages. All readers with this offer can get the best discounted price starting at $5.95/month for InMotion small business shared hosting, approximately 15% off the regular price $6.95/month. Read More … 


Web Hosting Coupon for IX Web Hosting 10% OFF

This video reveals an exclusive Web Hosting Coupon and explains how you can save 10% of your web hosting fees if you want to host your website with IX Web Hosting. Read More …





What is up in Web Hosting?


Web Hosting Nexcess Will Become PCI Certified in The Coming Weeks

GreatResoponder.com on May 7, 2012 : Web Hosting Nexcess the provider that has been found in 2000 known for managed hosting and the owned data centers located in many different locations that offers a wide range of hosting services starting from shared hosting packages to special hosting solutions that emphasis on eCommerce web hosting. read more ….

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Cloud Servers

These days, everybody is crazy about cloud servers, most of my friends are confused, what is the diffident between cloud hosting and cloud servers, in today journey we will go through them.

Web Hosting VEXXHOST Announced Free 7-Days Trial of Its Cloud Servers

GreatResponder.com on April 23, 2012: VEXXHOST announced today the introduction of a free 7-days trial of its cloud servers.  As noted on their blog announcement, the trial aims to facilitate cloud adoption and show all types of customers how easy it is to get started on the cloud, regardless of what type of customer they are.  VEXXHOST mentions that even dedicated server users will find an advantage in migrating their servers to the cloud. Read more…


Web Hosting Vexxhost Launched New Cloud Reseller Modules & APIs

GreatResponder.com on April 18, 2012: web hosting VEXXHOST has announced the launch of it’s cloud reseller service which will allow hosting companies to offer VEXXHOST’s cloud servers under a fully white-label, brandable control panel that is hosted on the hosting company’s website.  The initial launch includes a full WHMCS module that includes a control panel and offers full and complete WHMCS automation.

As mentioned in the announcement on their blog, it will allow any hosting company the ability to offer a full cloud service.  The hosting company will be able to offer servers based on Linux or Windows without having to worry about licensing issues.  The hosting companies will also be able to offer cPanel as well, directly using the reseller platform. Read More ..

Cloud Servers Sale For April 2012

These days I notice there is a huge sale for Cloud Servers online till the end of April 2012.

Vexxhost Web Hosting provider is one of the cloud hosting global providers announced through Greatresponder.com – April 7, 2012 – Executives at VEXXHOST Web Hosting today announced the company is now offering a sale on its cloud servers.  The sale is being held in conjunction with the company’s celebration after the completion of a major systems upgrade.  Along with special low prices new customers will receive one month free of high-quality cloud hosting on the new system. Read more ….


HostGator Windows Server Discount – $100 Off the First Month, San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) April 08, 2012, HostGator, an industry leading web hosting provider, today announced to promote all its dedicated Windows servers at $100 off the first month. HostGator Windows Dedicated Servers include the latest Windows Server 2008 R2 with Microsoft WebMatrix ready, free Parallels Plesk Control Panel, free SmarterMail Professional Mail Server, IIS Web Server, MSSQL, MySQL, FTP, DNS and 24/7/365 support via phone, chat & email. Read more …..



Bluehost is awarded as the #1 web hosting in 2012. Its professional shared Linux hosting package includes almost everything a webmaster needs to build up a powerful web site, such as unlimited disk space, unlimited monthly transfer, unlimited MySQL database, and supporting PHP, Python, ROR and Perl. This feature rich solution could be used to build the sites like personal blog or small business site. The price is very affordable at $3.95/month only. Bluehost also guarantee anytime money back. Read More …

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Security: Seeing Through the Cloud
Once more, well-designed hosted clouds will employ multiple methods to prevent and detect unauthorized access attempts to core resources. A hosting provider understands that their business hinges entirely upon the security of their environment and they
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Cloudy tech start-up Twilio jumps the pond
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Parallels Plesk Panel Hosts Gain Soholaunch® Website Builder
It was announced today that Soholaunch® Web Site builder is now available as a website building solution for hosting companies using Parallels' Plesk Panel. The collaboration with Parallels (http://www.parallels.com), the hosting and Cloud services
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Storage Firm Coraid Acquires Cloud Software Developer Yunteq
By Justin Lee, October 19, 2011 (WEB HOST INDUSTRY REVIEW) — Ethernet SAN solutions provider Coraid (www.coraid.com) announced on Wednesday it has acquired cloud software provider Yunteq (http://yunteq.com). The terms of the deal were not disclosed.
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Web Host Windstream Hosted Solutions Upgrades Cloud Platform
By Nicole Henderson, October 04, 2011 (WEB HOST INDUSTRY REVIEW) — Managed web hosting provider Windstream Hosted Solutions (www.windstreambusiness.com) announced on Tuesday that it has launched its second-generation cloud platform.
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RIM links with Microsoft for cloud services
RIM has begun a beta of BlackBerry Business Cloud Services, a system designed to manage its users' devices remotely and allow access to Microsoft Office 365 applications online. The open beta, available in 30 countries, will see RIM hosting the service
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Cloud Management Software Firm ScienceLogic Opens Austin Office
By Nicole Henderson, October 19, 2011 (WEB HOST INDUSTRY REVIEW) — Cloud management software provider ScienceLogic (www.sciencelogic.com) announced on Tuesday that it has opened an office in Austin, Texas. This location is ScienceLogic's first office
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Citrix Systems Acquires Cloud Data Storage Firm ShareFile
By Nicole Henderson, October 13, 2011 (WEB HOST INDUSTRY REVIEW) — Software developer Citrix Systems (www.citrix.com) announced on Thursday that it has completed its acquisition of cloud-based data storage provider ShareFile (www.sharefile.com).
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5 Ways Your Business Can Leverage Infrastructure-as-a-Service
For now, find a host that offers regular security audits and that adheres to standards put forth by the PCI Security Standards Council. Although the cloud is designed to be self-healing, finding a web host that offers 24/7 customer support,
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Web Host Windstream Hosted Solutions Completes Raleigh Data Center Expansion
Windstream Hosted Solutions added 10000 square feet and 4MW as part of its data center expansion. According to the press release, the extra space will accommodate increasing customer demand for cloud-based services. This expansion is the third addition
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Web Host Voxel Expands at TELEHOUSE Chelsea Data Center
"We are excited to provide our customers with access to top of the line cloud hosting and managed services providers like Voxel." Since 2006, TELEHOUSE has also assisted Voxel with its international expansion through a business development program.
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Newtek Business Services, Inc., The Small Business Authority, to Relocate
Managed Technology Solutions (Cloud Computing): Full-service web host, which offers eCommerce solutions, shared and dedicated web hosting and related services including domain registration and online shopping cart tools. eCommerce: a suite of services
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HP Enterprise Services to Deliver SAP Applications via Cloud Platform
By Justin Lee, October 06, 2011 (WEB HOST INDUSTRY REVIEW) — HP Enterprise Services (www.hp.com) announced on Wednesday it has partnered with SAP (www.sap.com) to provide cloud-based delivery of SAP applications that enable enterprises to deploy
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DHS picks CGI to provide cloud Web services
Under the three-year, $ 1.8 million deal, CGI said in a press release it will provide DHS with public cloud web content management services, which includes hosting on DHS.gov, FEMA.gov, USCIS.gov and others. CGI also will provide DHS with three
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Web Host Datapipe Signs as Tenant at Verne Global's Iceland Data Center
By Nicole Henderson, October 05, 2011 (WEB HOST INDUSTRY REVIEW) — Data center developer Verne Global (www.verneglobal.com) announced on Wednesday that it web hosting provider Datapipe (www.datapipe.com) will deliver managed IT solutions and cloud
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Enterhost's Cloud Computing Deployment and Other Services Featured in Dell
FORT WORTH, Texas–(EON: Enhanced Online News)–After deploying their new cloud computing solutions to customers worldwide, Enterhost, a web hosting solutions and Microsoft® Windows® application specialist founded in 2000, became the subject of a Dell
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Happy Cloud and Playrix Bring Casual Games to the Cloud
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Symplified Adds Veracode Cloud-based Application Risk Management Platform to
"By adding Veracode to the Symplified Trust Fabric App Integration Store, our mutual customers can seamlessly enforce identity and access management security policies on the cloud-based platform with just a few mouse clicks." "We recently expanded our
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Citrix acquires cloud storage specialist ShareFile
The company said that while the services were considered personal cloud platforms, Citrix would be targeting the platform at small businesses and larger enterprises alike. The company said that it would adopt a strategy it called "follow-me-data".
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CloudBees Announces Fall Release Containing New Innovations for Its
"All of these improvements are designed to accelerate adoption for companies of all sizes, and extend the platform's reach into the largest, most demanding production environments." CloudBees offers the only develop-to-deploy public cloud platform for
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Shareable Ink Platform Awarded ONC-ATCB 2011/2012 EHR Certification
Its cloud-based software platform incorporates natural input tools, including iPads and digital pen and paper technology featuring Anoto functionality. The resulting structured and clinically-encoded output populates the EHR with discrete data,
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OpenStack Diablo Open Source Cloud Platform Accelerates High-Availability
OpenStack is an open source cloud platform originally started by Rackspace and NASA that has grown to more than 80 member companies. The Diablo release is the first major release of OpenStack since the Cactus release in October.
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Web Host Rackspace to Create OpenStack Foundation in 2012
Since its launch in July 2010, OpenStack has seen incredible momentum and boasts many participants in the web hosting sector. Started by Rackspace, NASA and more than 20 other companies, the community now has more than 100 organizations worldwide.
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Web Host Latisys Uses F5 Hardware to Enhance Cloud Services
By Justin Lee, September 19, 2011 (WEB HOST INDUSTRY REVIEW) — Application delivery networking provider F5 Networks (www.f5.com) announced on Monday that web hosting provider Latisys (www.latisys.com) is implementing F5 VIPRION Application Delivery
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Inside Piston Cloud's OpenStack OS for Enterprise Private Cloud Environments
McKenty says that a lot of managed hosting providers, colocation providers and even unmanaged web hosts may not want to go "full boar on operating a public cloud on a large scale," especially if they don't have reserved capital.
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HP Enterprise Services to Deliver SAP Applications via Cloud Platform
By Justin Lee, October 06, 2011 (WEB HOST INDUSTRY REVIEW) — HP Enterprise Services (www.hp.com) announced on Wednesday it has partnered with SAP (www.sap.com) to provide cloud-based delivery of SAP applications that enable enterprises to deploy
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ubuntu 9.10 cloud server cds

Image by osde8info
ubuntu 9.10 cloud server cds

Nginx Tearing Up the Charts, Gets Funding
By Joe Brockmeier / October 11, 2011 12:30 PM / 0 Comments This post is part of our ReadWriteCloud channel, which is dedicated to covering virtualization and cloud computing. The channel is sponsored by Intel and VMware. Read the case study about how
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Data overload, pricing drives Microsoft shop to Google business email
As of October, Lamar had 5 terabytes of email data hosted in Google's cloud, with another 60 TB available. “Having to build a 5 TB mail server is daunting and expensive,” Griffin said. “We would have had to build a 10 TB environment at the rate we're
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The OpenStack juggernaut
By John Dix Network World – The OpenStack collaborative industry effort to build an open source cloud platform is to be applauded for the remarkable gains it has achieved in a short amount of time. Founded by Rackspace Hosting and NASA in July last
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SecPoint announces the Cloud Penetrator, full web server protection against
SecPoint, one of Europe's leading security systems providers, has released the Cloud Penetrator to provide full Online Web Vulnerability Scanning and SQL Injection Cross Site Scripting that prevents hackers entering web servers and stealing data.
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Savvis Launches Cloud-Based Database Platform
"The market for cloud-based platforms continues to grow. We've found that many of our enterprise clients are looking for flexible application deployment options." Savvis, which is sponsoring Oracle Open World 2011 in San Francisco, is demonstrating
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MaaS360 is First Cloud-Based Mobile Device Management Platform to Support
MaaS360 provides the agility to instantly support the rapid introduction of new operating systems through its cloud-based platform. MaaS360 is the #1 and only true SaaS solution for mobile device management. Offered as an on-demand subscription service
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Teliris Deploys Hybrid Cloud Environment using Virtustream xStream
Through xStream, Virtustream's enterprise cloud platform, Teliris addresses several strategic initiatives, including improving performance, disaster recovery and scalability of its infrastructure and applications, while more cost-effectively managing
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Google introduces SQL in App Engine cloud service
Google has added SQL capabilities to its cloud-based App Engine in an attempt to make the cloud computing platform more amenable to businesses. When the company launched App Engine last year, it was designed to run on NoSQL but this proved to be
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The Small Business Forecast for Cloud Computing
Here's the definition that I provided in 2009: Cloud computing is a computing model in which you access software, server, storage, development and other computing resources over the Internet, in a self-service manner, as illustrated in Figure 1.
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Web Host 1&1 Internet UK Adds Business Hosting Plan, Cloud Server Features
The company has also added new featuers to its Dynamic Cloud Servers. The new flagship 1&1 Business shared hosting package, 1&1 is creating new avenues for customers with an extremely powerful hosting plan. Priced at $ 15.79 per month plus VAT,
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Will Management Tool Make IT Want More Oracle?
Enterprise Manager now concentrates its feedback information in a single, centralized console, Enterprise Manager Cloud Control, where IT administrators supervising clustered x86 or Sparc servers can see key operational information on the pooled
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Terremark Federal Group Certifies Cloud for Department of Defense Security
By Nicole Henderson, September 30, 2011 (WEB HOST INDUSTRY REVIEW) — Government cloud provider Terremark Federal Group (www.terremark.com) and its delivery partner URS Corporation's IT business sector URS-Apptis (www.urs.com) announced on Thursday
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UK Web Host iomart Provides Cloud Hosting for Marathon Website
By Justin Lee, September 12, 2011 (WEB HOST INDUSTRY REVIEW) — UK web hosting provider iomart Hosting (www.iomarthosting.com) announced on Monday it is providing cloud hosting for Nova International, organizer of the world's biggest half marathon the
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Cloud Security Firm Alert Logic Names VP of Business Development
By Justin Lee, September 20, 2011 (WEB HOST INDUSTRY REVIEW) — Cloud security services provider Alert Logic (www.alertlogic.com) announced on Tuesday it has named Rohit Gupta in the newly established position of vice president of business development.
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Data Center Operator StratITsphere Launches Managed Cloud Service
By Nicole Henderson, September 29, 2011 (WEB HOST INDUSTRY REVIEW) — Data center operator StratITsphere (www.stratitsphere.com) announced on Wednesday that it has launched a new managed cloud service, Nimbus. Its new offering will leverage the
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The Future of Malware
Here's a look at how malware is expected to evolve. This whitepaper discusses the lock-in enterprises face with cloud computing and how the OpenStack open-source platform can help to eliminate that conundrum. Cloud computing is here, and it's real.
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FraudSense Announces Cloud-Based Real-Time Anti-Phishing Software Platform
FraudSense, provider of the cloud-based anti-phishing software platform, today announced the availability of a public demo featuring its proprietary real-time anti-phishing detection algorithms. FraudSense identifies and disables fraudulent websites in
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