Exclusive: This Startup Just Nabbed $5 Million to Solve a Thorny Software Problem

Deploying business software has gotten very complex. Backplane, a startup that says it can help companies manage the complex software deployments of the cloud computing era, has emerged from stealth with $ 5 million in seed funding—and a service it says can ease the headaches of deploying new-age software. Now that nearly every business, whether […] Read more »

Famed Architect’s Lawsuit Against Google Just Got Much More Serious

Eli Attia alleges he wasn’t the only one mistreated by the search giant. A long-running lawsuit filed against Google by a prominent architect has just gotten much broader. Last week, the Superior Court of California granted a motion adding racketeering charges to the civil case being pursued against Google by Eli Attia, an expert in […] Read more »

IDG Contributor Network: How to add JBOC (Just a Bunch of Cloud) to your enterprise

Storage is a fast-evolving industry. Groundbreaking hardware technologies quickly become commoditized, which is a challenge for vendors, but a great benefit to customers. Today’s shiny new array soon becomes matched by a similarly capable JBOD (Just a Bunch of Disk) product that might not have as robust of vendor support, but costs the enterprise far […] Read more »

A Windows Cloud build just leaked, and this is what we learned

Microsoft’s mysterious Windows Cloud is supposedly a stripped-down version of Microsoft’s operating system that runs only Windows Store apps. Microsoft’s not commenting, but an early build that leaked over the weekend appears to be authentic and gives further tantalizing hints of what the company may have in mind.  Windows Cloud intrigues Microsoft watchers because of its uncanny resemblance to […] Read more »

How Google, Apple and Microsoft just saved the PC

The long-neglected PC got a massive injection of innovation this week with major announcements from Google, Apple and Microsoft. Each company introduced advancements that users didn’t ask for, didn’t think they wanted and are already complaining about. Why? Because we love new technology in theory but hate it in practice. Technology change is expensive, transition […] Read more »

Do You Really Have Big Data, Or Just Too Much Data?

Brian Lee, a Practice Leader in CEB’s Compliance & Legal Practice, keeps a keen eye on the information overload happening at enterprises. Here, he provides insight into the dangers of collecting data for its own sake – and offers 5 questions IT professionals can start asking to create a sensible data retention strategy. InformationWeek: Cloud Read more »

Atlassian’s IPO is just part of its lofty goal for the workplace

One of Silicon Valley’s “unicorns” (that is, a tech company valued at over $ 1 billion), Atlassian is the company behind JIRA, HipChat, Confluence and BitBucket, all of which are aimed at making collaborative efforts within companies easier and more efficient. The company is one of Silicon Valley’s oft-fabled “unicorns” — that is, a company […] Read more »

Are microservices just SOA redux?

Sinclair is CEO and cofounder of Apprenda, a leader in enterprise Platform as a Service. It seems like every conversation related to cloud-native software projects these days involves microservices. During those conversations, someone inevitably draws a comparison with service-oriented architecture (SOA) or hesitantly asks the question, “Aren’t microservices just SOA?” While it might not seem important […] Read more »

Wait: Did I just detect a flicker of personality in the enterprise IT industry?

Long gone are the days of the colorful enterprise networking industry I knew filled with provocative personalities like Cabletron Systems President Bob Levine and 3Com’s Bob Metcalfe. But at this week’s Xconomy Enterprise Tech Strikes Back event held at the Fidelity Center for Applied Technology in Boston, I actually detected some real-life individuality and swagger […] Read more »