Online Game “Blue Whale” Blamed for Suicides Amongst Players

The Indian Supreme Court says online portals must spread awareness about the deadly game.

India’s Supreme Court is holding hearings by advocates who want the online game “Blue Whale” banned after blaming it for 100 suicides throughout the country, according to The Indian Express.

The game issues various challenges to participants over a 50-day period; on the final day, players are instructed to complete the game by committing suicide.

The phenomenon has recently been in the spotlight in Iran too, after two girls attempted to kill themselves by jumping off a bridge (one died, the other was critically injured). Authorities later found an audio message recorded by the girls, bidding goodbye to their parents and proclaiming they would “take their lives to complete the Blue Whale game”, according to local news agency Mizan Online.

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The game revolves around an anonymous “master” who assigns various self-harming activities that become incrementally more dangerous, with acts ranging from watching horror movies to self-mutilation. Users are encouraged throughout to post photos of their daily challenges online.

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Blue Whale appears to have origins in the Russian social-networking site VKontakte, and was criticized for the same deadly impact on Russian teens earlier in 2017, according to RFERL.


IDG Contributor Network: Game changing enterprise trends for 2017

After the ball drops in Times Square and the New Year has been rung in, many turn to reflection – on the year past of course, but also on how to make the next one even better than the last. This is especially true for business leaders who often use the time for reflection on the things they did right, what could have been better and the competitive opportunities for the coming year.

2016 saw more cloud adoption than ever before – it’s no secret that the way we do business is changing, and that’s exactly why in 2017 businesses need to be even more digitally savvy. With data being created at a breakneck pace – from connected ‘things’, to mobile payments and more – businesses are uniquely positioned to be more informed than ever before and make better, data-driven, decisions.

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Qualcomm awakens and hopes to crush Intel at its own game

Last Wednesday was historic for Qualcomm. In one day, the company jumped beyond its comfort zone of mobile chips and entered the PC and server markets.

With the expansion, Qualcomm now has chips for most computing products. It wants to outcompete even Intel, which dominates in PCs and servers but gave up on markets like smartphone CPUs earlier this year.

Qualcomm on Wednesday announced its Centriq 2400 server chips, which started shipping to test customers. Later that day, Microsoft revealed that first PCs based on Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 835 chip would come next year. The chip will also be used in high-end smartphones.

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Cloud growth continues to be the name of the game for Microsoft

Microsoft’s ongoing move to the cloud paid off once again over the past quarter, as strong growth from Azure and Office 365 offset declines in the PC market.

The company announced on Thursday that its quarterly revenue for the three-month period ending in September was flat overall at US $ 20.5 billion. The company’s net profit was down 4 percent year-over-year from $ 4.9 billion to $ 4.7 billion.

Those results were driven by quarterly revenue from the company’s Intelligent Cloud segment, which includes Azure and Windows Server, and its Productivity and Business Processes segment, which includes Office 365 and Dynamics. Intelligent Cloud revenue grew 8 percent year-over-year to $ 6.4 billion, while Productivity and Business Processes segment revenue grew 6 percent to $ 6.7 billion. 

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