Microsoft continues to embrace Linux with new Azure certification

In a partnership that would have seemed most unlikely back when Microsoft railed against open source, the software company has teamed with the Linux Foundation to offer a certification for managing Linux systems in the Azure cloud.

The new Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate Linux on Azure certification allows people to show that they have invested time in developing skills to run Linux servers in Microsoft’s cloud. It’s something of a surprising move, considering that Azure didn’t even support Linux virtual machines four years ago, but meshes with Microsoft’s current strategy of embracing open source technologies.

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Beyond devops: Embrace infrastructure as code

There’s something new on the horizon, taking the principles of devops to a new area. It’s called infrastructure as code (IaC), and it’s how you configure cloud-based infrastructure via applications, using APIs.

This is a hard turn from the old days of configuration management, with sys admins controlling the platforms on behalf of developers.

There are compelling reasons for this new approach:

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