Focusing on the cheapest cloud price could cost you more

Amazon Web Services really leads the way in determining market price for cloud services, and the second-, third-, and lower-tier cloud providers try to price their cloud services below that of AWS to steal its business. That is, until AWS drops prices—again. Enterprises that focus only on cloud usage prices are missing the big—and more […] Read more »

IDG Contributor Network: When does tech make you money and when does it cost you?

There’s an interesting Forbes article on the topic of turning a cost center into a profit center. In it, author Larry Myler talks about three ways to “become a hero” by: Killing overhead, Inventing revenue, and Supporting company strategy. Having worked in cost centers within organizations myself, I was skeptical as to whether this can […] Read more »

IDG Contributor Network: The high cost and risk of On-Premise vs. Cloud

When was the last time I bought an on-prem application?  Over five years ago and I am not looking back. Having been a CIO for many years, I have seen my share of large-scale software implementations and the maintenance and upgrade overhead that comes with on-prem applications. The numbers are varied, but it’s safe to […] Read more »

The cloud just cost 5,500 Cisco workers their jobs

Cisco this week announced it is laying off some 5,500 workers, about 7 percent of its global workforce. The firings fell far short of the 14,000 positions that had been rumored, but they still cut deep. And it can’t help ease the sting that workers getting pink slips had to listen to Cisco CEO Chuck […] Read more »

IDG Contributor Network: 4 cost considerations you can’t afford to overlook when moving to SAP HANA

It’s impossible to decouple SAP’s vision for the cloud from HANA, its in-memory database and computing platform. The company aims to run its core solutions on HANA, while also migrating customers to use it as a cloud, application and innovation platform.  But, for current SAP customers, transitioning to HANA is a complex and expensive endeavor. […] Read more »

A blockchain ‘smart contract’ could cost investors millions

Investors in a “smart contract” built on the Ethereum blockchain platform may have lost cryptocurrency worth millions of dollars because they missed a loophole in the contract’s fine print. The contract was written in Ethereum’s Solidity programming language, and the fine print was the code that set out the rules for investing in, operating, and […] Read more »

The cost of mold in the cloud

Your cloud provider hosts a lot of images, if they’re even mildly successful. There is no legal onus to keep images patched/fixed/rev’d.  Our industry provides no inherent mechanism to provide an image Good Until Date. The potential poisoning of moldy cloud images scares the hell out of me. No two OS vendors do patch/fix/revision control […] Read more »

Amazon cuts cost of running Oracle’s database in its cloud

Amazon Web Services now lets companies run Oracle’s database for about 3 cents per hour, while at the same time adding more options for enterprises that want to move high-performance workloads to the cloud. The offering that makes this possible is Amazon RDS (Relational Database Service), which aims to offer cheap and resizable capacity, and […] Read more »