IDG Contributor Network: Docker draws distinctions between enterprise and community editions

Docker Inc., the company known for popularizing the concept of containers, is refining its business model and product portfolio by ‘containerizing’ Docker. The company has renamed the Docker Commercially Supported (CS) edition to the Docker Enterprise Edition (EE). It’s also changing the name of Docker Engine to Docker Community Edition. But renaming isn’t the only […] Read more »

Salesforce New Community Cloud Brings Big Data Analytics to Entire CRM

It is not always easy for organizations to stay in touch with customers, partners and employees through home communities. With Salesforce’s new Community Cloud, companies can create their communities, in the LinkedIn style, but for their customers, partners and employees. Built on the Salesforce Community Cloud Platform – via Connect API – companies can directly […] Read more »

IBM aims new IoT community site at developers

Hoping to rally the worldwide development community around the Internet of Things and drive business to its cloud services as well, IBM has launched a community space for programmers to write software to connect remote devices to back-end cloud systems. The site, called DeveloperWorks Recipes, provides a base for developers to learn about how IoT […] Read more »