Plat.One acquisition marks start of $2B IoT investment plan for SAP

SAP has bought IoT software developer Plat.One, marking the start of a plan to invest US$ 2 billion in the internet of things over the next five years.

Some of those billions will be spent on the creation of IoT development labs around the world, SAP said Wednesday. It already has plans for such labs in Berlin, Johannesburg, Munich, Palo Alto, Shanghai and São Leopoldo in Brazil. 

The company is also rolling out a series of “jump-start” and “accelerator” IoT software packages for particular industries, to help them monitor and control equipment.

Another compoent of SAP’s IoT plan is to acquire new businesses, the latest of which is Plat.One. This company makes a platform that helps smart devices talk to one another and with a central database, translating between the different protocols they use to communicate. Plat.One says it manages 200,000 devices for 25 enterprise customers, including three telecommunications companies: BT, T-Systems and Telecom Italia.

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IDG Contributor Network: In an attempt to disrupt Splunk, Elastic makes another acquisition

Elastic is the commercial vendor that sits behind the Elasticsearch, Kibana, Logstash and Beats open source projects. Elasticsearch was created back in 2010 by Shay Banon, co-founder and CTO of the Elastic company, and is built upon the Apache Lucene information retrieval project. All of the different projects focus on taking structured and unstructured data and delivering search, logging and analytics on top of it.

Since that time, its commercial products—Elastic Stack, X-Pack and Elastic Cloud—have seen over 70 million cumulative downloads.

Elastic has been smart about making strategic acquisitions. It acquired visualization vendor Kibana, and a year or so ago it acquired Norwegian company Found, which was commercializing Elasticsearch and offering it as a service on top of Amazon Web Services. This strategy appears to have worked, and it is interesting to look at the graph below that tracks the relative exposure of Elasticsearch and one of the competitive offerings, Splunk.

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Watson Offers Macy’s AI Help, Workday Acquisition: Big Data Roundup

Watson’s AI will help you find shoes at Macy’s, Workday buys big data analytics company, Google releases machine learning APIs, and more in our Big Data Roundup for the week ending July 24.
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IDG Contributor Network: 5 things we learned from Cisco’s acquisition of Jasper Technologies

A few days ago, Cisco announced that it was acquiring IoT platform provider Jasper Technologies for $ 1.4 billion. The amount is the equivalent of Jasper’s latest funding round, which is a testimony to Jasper’s market traction during the last few years. Jasper focuses on the emerging IoT lifecycle management space providing capabilities to automate and manage the deployment of IoT solutions. The acquisition represents a great addition to Cisco’s IoT software portfolio, with very interesting implications for the IoT market.

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Microsoft pursues analytics ambitions with acquisition of Metanautix

Microsoft has furthered its pursuit of enterprise analytics with the acquisition of Metanautix, a company that makes it possible for businesses to pull together all their data and gain insights into it. 

Metanautix’s product can pull information in from a variety of private and public cloud data sources including traditional data warehouses, NoSQL databases like Cassandra and business systems like Salesforce. Once it’s aggregated, businesses can use SQL to query the resulting data pipeline in order to glean insights from the information.

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