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ubuntu 9.10 cloud server cds

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ubuntu 9.10 cloud server cds

PostgreSQL revs to 9.1, aims for enterprise
In a separate announcement, EnterpriseDB has fluffed up a variant of the PostgreSQL 9.0 and 9.1 databases as well as Postgres Plus Advanced Server 9.0 that can run on clouds. Called Cloud Server, it is currently in beta on Amazon's EC2 cloud and will
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Network Instruments Introduces Native Cloud Infrastructure Monitoring
Enterprises can now directly monitor the status of their network devices, servers and applications in the cloud with the latest release of Network Instruments' Observer Infrastructure product. OI 3.0 also provides enhanced monitoring of virtual

Eatery Runs With a Touch of Technology
Detailed transaction data and menu changes can be accessed and managed online through POSLavu's cloud server. Tigay said his staff now spends less time running orders to the kitchen. "Not having to do that, you have more time to give drink refills and
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Wyse does a cloud on the desk for iPad, iPhone
With the software you can access "a cloud, your PC, Remote Desktop Services, a Terminal Server, VMware View or virtual machine" from your hand-held gadget while you're out and about but within reach of an internet connection.
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