It Was Exactly the Donald Trump Product America Needed. Then the Unthinkable Happened

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We all need our safe spaces.

For some, it might be bars or man caves. For others, it might be book clubs or yoga studios.

You want to be with people who make you feel warm and cuddly. Even if, for some, the only person who can do that is themselves.

It has an arresting motto: Make America Date Again. 

I hadn’t been aware that Americans had ceased dating. I merely thought they’d changed the phraseology to Netflix-and-Chilling. Or Bumping-and Grindring, though, wasn’t created for adult Donald Duck fans, too shy to confess their penchant. Instead, this is a Donald Trump-supporters dating site.

It’s an excellent business idea.

Our nauseatingly polarized ambience has caused schisms in families and personal relationships. Atmospheres in offices, too, have become strained. was, therefore, a perfectly safe space.

French security researcher Elliot Alderson looked at the app’s security systems and seems to have purloined the names, profile pictures and private messages of Trump supporters looking for love.

This is manifestly disturbing. 

Many people are concerned about confessing to their true political predilections. They worry that, in the wrong place and at the wrong time, these predilections will incite scorn. 

Love doesn’t require utter commonality. A little understanding, though, does help.

In our current times, there’s little to none.

Like gravitates to Like. Love, on the other hand, is a far more startling, magical essence, one that comes at you when you least expect. 

There’s little more magical than that random moment on Tinder when someone attractive actually swipes in your direction.

That’s surely all these Trump supporters aspired to. A place where they could audaciously hope to find change they could believe in, in the privacy of their own app.

I contacted to ask for its reaction and will update, should I hear.

Privacy breaches are, like friction, raging and Kanye, everywhere these days.

Nothing is safe. Nothing is sacred. We’re all exposed. 

Now that we are, will anyone love us again?

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