iPod Touch wifi – “cannot find server”?

This short demo walks you through the process of creating a new Cloud Server in the Rackspace Cloud control panel.
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Question by Ben G: iPod Touch wifi – “cannot find server”?
i have an iPod touch and it is connected up to my secure talktalk connection and has full bars in the corner, but when i go on to Safari the message appears “safari can’t open the page because it cannot find the server”. I’ve been looking for ways to fix this but all the things i’ve tried from websites (e.g. forums) haven’t worked.
When i connected to “the cloud” wireless hotspot it worked fine but my home connection just wont work even after entering my WEP key. PLEASE HELP!!!

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Answer by PicoMe This
It think that the problem is on the router side and not the iPod side. Try reconfiguring your router.

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Question by GRIM: How to create a Web Server?
What i want to do is use an existing computer as a web server. I want to host my personal website AND also be able to access files like a “cloud” server. The computer that will be running this “server” will be running Windows XP (more then likely if I can’t get a hold of Windows 7 in the next few weeks)

This computer will house all backups of my documents and pictures, and my website is a forum based site, and more then likely run a game server on it as well down the road.

So please be as detailed as you can, I am computer literate, however more details makes it easier for me to follow.

Also, using a linksys router, not sure what i have to do with that…..

Thanks in advance!!!!

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Answer by John
Download apache tomcat.

Unzip it.

Run the apache-tomcat/bin/startup.exe

Now go to http://localhost:8080

You are running your own server! Now you have to program html files for it.

To get it on the web, you sadly need to call your ISP and have them open port 80. It will cost you some money since they think you are running a business. Or you can get hosting from bluehost or godaddy (although godaddy is hard to use and doesn’t host files, it just reserves your domain).

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