IDG Contributor Network: Are the container wars back again? CoreOS and Docker roll out container security offerings

It might seem like a lifetime ago, but it was only last December when Silicon Valley startup CoreOS dropped a bit of a bombshell with a full-frontal assault on Linux container kingpin Docker’s hegemony. For those who didn’t follow, CoreOS announced a breakaway container specification and, in a preemptive strike, timed it perfectly to correspond with Docker’s European conference. CoreOS also came out with a serious statement critiquing its perceived Docker failings.

At the time, I voiced some major concerns about the strategy. Regardless of the justification or otherwise for CoreOS’ perspective, I felt that, at this early stage in the broadening of container usage, it was damaging to have that degree of tension in the ecosystem. It took six months or so, but eventually someone listened to my cries for a detente and the two companies apparently kissed and made up.

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