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Confused about the term “Cloud Computing”? Want to be “with the times” when you talk about new technology buzzwords? This video boils down a section of Cloud Computing, that of Cloud Infrastructure and Cloud Hosting in a way that everyone can understand! Script by Michael Sheehan youtube: HighT3chDad blog: twitter Animation / illustration by Tim Wayne youtube: redtimmy blog: twitter A big hat tip goes out from us to the Common Craft folks who make simply the BEST “In Plain English” videos available and are very inspiring. See their videos at:
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Question by Calvin: Will “cloud computing” be the final nail in the coffin for the IT profession in America?
Many IT jobs have been outsourced to India, etc. Do you think with cloud computing, the remaining IT, networking jobs will be outsourced away from America?

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Answer by austinjb1
No, companies will always need IT to manage networks, computers, help desk, phones and internal applications. Even cloud based applications still require interfaces which would typically be built by IT. The “cloud” is just another method of running an application. It does get IT out of the business of running a data center but not all applications are going to run in a cloud so some sort of server room will still be required.

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Question by Emmett: Can you please explain what iCloud and “cloud computing” is?
I’ve tried to read several different articles on the topics, but the people keep throwing in big words and long sentences without explaining themselves.

So, I don’t even know where to start, is iCloud original or are there others? How does it work?

In layman’s terms, what is it?
A whole computer on the Internet? Why?
Why not just use the simplicity of a computer? (If that’s what it is)
Are you sharing all your data with everyone else? why?

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Answer by Anabelle Blues
To be honest it’s not that hard to understand it.

There are other services round the web that offer you cloud computing, besides the iCloud thing Apple launched now.

If we were to specifically take into account the iCloud thing from Apple, the iCloud is a web-based service that can allow users to share music, emails, apps and other kinds of data among their compatible devices using a iCloud account as a main hub, if I may call it so.

Works this way: to use iCloud, u must have an iTunes account. When certain data is added or updated on compatible devices, this data will be automatically uploaded to your iCloud account and then automatically downloaded to your other Apple devices. They also threw in the new Apple iTunes match that u can use to make accessible mp3 music downloads on the Apple iCloud.

Look at it this way: iCloud is a storage tool and a system to keep all your data in sync on multiple devices you might own from Apple.

Guess this answers the why use iCloud ( to access anything on any devices you have)

If you ask me the best part for the iCloud is gonna be that you get to use Apple iTunes Match with it and make all your mp3 music downloads, iTunes or non iTunes, available on any device you need to.

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Question by natobanato2: Can someone please explain what “cloud computing” is in laymen’s terms?
I am not a tech nut. I know enough about it but I’m not obsessed and engrossed in all of it. Anyway, I was reading the top ten Tech stories from the the 2000’s and it talked about cloud computing. I looked it up on Wikipedia but it still doesn’t make a lot of sense. Can someone please explain it to me?

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Answer by MaskedMusketeer
Cloud computing is the trend nowadays where applications are hosted online and run by servers, instead of having your computer run them locally.

This means that wherever you go, regardless of what platform or device you are using, you can access the application remotely and run it as you would with a normal program.
So perhaps you might own a iPhone or a smartphone with Google Apps capabilities — you can access Google Calendar, Google Documents, Google Reader etc. all of which are applications hosted on Google servers — they don’t run on your device.

The prime advantages of cloud computing is that your data is always “in sync” — because your data is kept in the clouds (on the net) as opposed to just being on your device, wherever you go you always have access to the same information.

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Question by Kevin: What the heck is “cloud computing” in layman’s terms? and why is it “the future”?

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Answer by fedia_fedia
Your computer will be remote.

All calculations will be done on a fast server, and you’ll just receive the visual information.

it’s the future because it’s extremely universal, you’ll be able to run any app, any game, any file on any device with internet or a screen. Crysis 2 on iPhone is more likely than you think.

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