Can a Computer Science Professional/IT Recruiter/IT Manager critique my resume?

Question by Comp Sci: Can a Computer Science Professional/IT Recruiter/IT Manager critique my resume?

I am a college freshmen working towards a BS in Computer Science. I competed in the IBM Master the Mainframe 2009 competition and was offered a chance to submit my resume to the IBM Student Opportunity System.

I had a few questions regarding what my resume should contain, etc. I’ve linked to my resume below, if an IT Manager/Recruiter with some spare time could please give me some positive criticism I would be very grateful. This resume will be submitted mainly for internships, and I intend to continue to build upon it. Also, please take into consideration I have only completed one semester so far, and my expected grades were 4 As (14×4.0 hrs) and 1 B (1×3.0 hrs) which means my GPA is a ~3.933 for this semester. I took dual-credit college courses in high school, so those Bs bring me down to a ~3.67, estimated of course. You may say my objective is too broad, but since I have only take one semester I don’t necessarily have any specialty or focus. I’m interested in “Large Systems/Enterprise Application”…whatever that means, I liked using the IBM Mainframe but I am not specifically looking to focus in it. My java programming experience is based off of my high school computer science classes.

Specific Questions:
Any suggestions?
What should my objective be? (I’m in my 1st semester)
Should I stylize my resume with color/highlights/colored text?
Should I avoid using trendy terms such as “cloud computing”, “tech-savvy” etc? Is this a deterrent for recruiters?
Should I list languages I’ve used and programmed with, such as PHP or MySQL, even if I am not “fluent” with them?

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Edit: Thank you all for your response. To reply: Yes I’ve been working part-time throughout high school. I’ve had experience working in restaurants cooking, tech support, coffee shop, etc. The avg time at each employer was ~10 months. Recently, I’ve worked seasonal jobs and I am working on getting a job on my campus.

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Answer by Loverboy
1 Semester doesn’t mean crap. And btw, you need an internship. You need experience with your skills.

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